QuickBooks Scanning
Used by more small business today, QuickBooks by Intuit can be further automated with the use of barcode scanners and our Smart Scan module.  Simply stated, using user defined parameters and data, Smart Scan interprets the scanned data and enters it into the correct field in a QuickBooks form.  This can be accomplished either one scan at a time, or several entries at once using an inexpensive "store and forward" barcode scanner!
RF Site Survey and Installation
The need for "real time" data collection is placing an ever increasing demand on small business.  By using simple terminal emulation software, the small business with an AS/400 or RS6000 mini-computer can extend their applications to the warehouse!  Don't have either?  We can develop a wireless system to interface with most common database applications.  The foundation for success is the RF Site Survey, used to establish exactly how the wireless system should be configured and how much equipment will be needed to insure success.
Don't see what you need?  Maybe you could use our years of experience to help guide your project decisions.  Often a simple phone call or email can help you see past the day to day business pressures to clearly see which path your project should take.  We enjoy meeting and talking with new friends and will gladly offer any help we can.  Know what you want but don't have the on staff skills to carry it out?  Let us take on that burden while you continue to grow your business.